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The keys are very important. The best way to have an appropriate security level at home or business is Prevention. One of the ways to do this is to have good control over where the keys are.

In Stores and Businesses

In stores or companies it is necessary to establish policies on who has access to the keys, especially those that are used to access areas where valuable goods and money are kept. For instance, if someone goes out of the store should leave them in custody, none of them should not leave the company to avoid unauthorized keys duplication.
In case an employee has been fired or has resigned and he has had access to keys or safe keys, it is necessary to rekey. The same thing applies to electronic accesses such as online bank accounts and access to computers and servers of the company.
In order to exercise better control you should analyze if it is convenient to use master keys in some areas. This way the control is easy; especially in large facilities.

Even the cars, panels and trucks that belongs to the company are important. The same care for all those keys must be done.

At Home

Also in the house the keys could be in hands of third parties. It is important to think if the rekey is necessary.
Another important care is not to leave the keys of the house in the places where visitors are received. Like the living room, dining room, etc.
In case you rent some property, once new tenants arrive the rekey becomes mandatory. Otherwise the assets of the new leasing family would be at risk.
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