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The kind of lock is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It is useless to have important security measures in your residence or your store, if reliable locks were not installed.

It is necessary to be aware of the type of hardware, the quality and the level of security that a specific brand provides. An advisable practice is to look at the reviews of renowned companies on this topic, in particular the news that speak well of the benefits of each one or pros and cons.

There is a wide variety of locks, there are completely mechanical, this does not mean that they are not safe. Also they are others with sophisticated functions, for instance some of them can be operated by your voice, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, from your Android phone, iPhone or Google Home. In short, they are compatible with smart homes that are so popular nowadays.

The decision will be taken depending not only on security needs, but also on the preferences of each user.

As experts in security matters, is Lock City Locksmith we recommend the SCHLAGE brand, because the experience of working with it has given us the certainty that their products meets all the requirements to provide the necessary reliability for a high level of security for the facilities of our customers.

If you are thinking of using this kind of locks in new properties or replace the old ones, do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you in order to provide the best solution for your home or business place.

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