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This is a very useful security locksmith advice. Without a doubt, we already known the people who visit our home, they might be relatives or friends who are reliable for us. However, someday may happen that we receive some visit from a person outside the family or someone providing a connection or a technician from any repair service, or simply a companion of siblings or friends. The fact that we want to isolate here is that this might be a person who we do not know or we do not know very well, perhaps the new neighbor introducing himself with some dessert in his hands or something like that.

The safety advice we want to provide this time, is that we should never leave the keys of our house, office or vehicle in a visible place such as the living room of the house. Because if the person who visits us is not an honest person, at a time when we are not careful, he could take the key and later use it to enter our home and perform some illegal act. The best thing to do, is to have already a place to store them, it can be in our room. In this way, our keys will not be exposed. The same applies to valuable things like jewelry of expensive electronic devices.

On the other hand, if we have lost some of the keys and believe that this happened at the time that someone was visiting our home, you must change mechanism of the locks (rekey) and make new keys. By the way, the locksmith company we use to perform this procedure must be reliable, with the legal licenses to perform the task and also they must have the appropriate  equipment for this service.

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