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During Christmas and New Year many families decide to be together and therefore they travel to another city, state or country. For this reason many houses are left alone and the robbers know it. Therefore, it is necessary to take some precautions to maximize the home safety and Lock City Locksmiths wants to provide the following tips to avoid theft:

Someone to take care of the house. If possible, it is best to leave a relative or friend living in the house. If you do not have anyone who can help, then try to find a frien who arrives to the house a few times during the day, at least people will see movement inside the home. If none of this options are not possible, it is also a good idea to ask to a trusted neighbor for help, he could be aware that there are no suspects surrounding the house, if there are any of them, then he can call the police.

Simulating activity. It is a good idea to leave timers that turn on lights and a radio when the house is completely alone, doing this way, people who pass in front of the house would think that there are people inside.

Secure Windows. Windows are one of the most vulnerable points of a house, so we must ensure that they have strong glasses and the appropriate locks.

Secure doors. The security of the doors depends on many factors: the material that is made, the quality of the locks and another thing that is not so obvious: good hinges, because if all the above is of good quality but the hinges are weak, It will be a very easy door to open.

Surveillance systems. It is necessary that the house has a good alarm system, and if possible, security cameras. If the offender sees these devices, this would be a deterrent to choose the house.

Keys. If other people have had access to the keys at some point, it would be best choice to rekey them. It is also not a good idea to leave a copy of the key in a flower pot or under a welcome carpet. These are places that thieves know very well.

If you would like specific advice on how to protect your home, do not hesitate to call the professionals at LockCity Locksmiths in Ashburn, VA, at: 703 981 9911.

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