sliding doors
Sliding doors are widely used in homes. On this occasion we will talk about the exterior doors that lead to the backyard. They are very practical in these environments but present a significant vulnerability: they are very weak in terms of security. The first thing that comes to mind is
security advices on christmas
We are already very close to Christmas and New Year celebrations. These are the times when people get together with relatives and friends to share moments together. This is the most normal thing to do this time; however, what if you own a business that closes during these holidays? We
a secure door?
Why a secure door is important? Most thefts are carried out by violating the front or rear doors. For this reason, in addition to other security measures, it is important to think about having safer doors in our home or business. First of all, we must think about the door
security budget
A security budget is important for any company. This is because the security matters should be monitored constantly; also, because some kind of devices and security mechanisms require maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, etc. All this in order to ensure that all of them work properly. Contrary to what many people think,
social media and home security
There are precautions to take that are very evident, such as not leaving the hidden key at the entrance of the house and others that we have already mentioned and others that you probably already know. This time we will share a tip that we have not addressed and that
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