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Sliding doors are widely used in homes. On this occasion we will talk about the exterior doors that lead to the backyard. They are very practical in these environments but present a significant vulnerability: they are very weak in terms of security.

The first thing that comes to mind is that these types of doors have a very large glass surface and can be easily broken with a heavy tool. The best practice to do is to reinforce the glass with a safety film, these kind of films are designed to withstand extreme pressures and can be used not only to prevent theft, but also to keep the glass together in case of breakage. In addition to this, if you have a good alarm system, you will achieve a better level of security.

On the other hand, one of the greatest risks of sliding doors is that they are likely to be lifted from their rails and moved over them. Once derailed the door is removed and the thief get full access to the house. To avoid this, there are anti-lifting devices, which are generally metal strips that are installed on the top of the door frame, reducing the space between the frame and the top of the door; what is achieved with this, is that the door can no longer be lifted and therefore cannot be removed from its guides.

Another important thing is choosing the right lock. There are auxiliary elements to reinforce security such as pins or auxiliary bolts that prevent the door from being opened from outside. However, all these devices must be chosen carefully, since the door must also be able to open quickly in case of emergency. Therefore, it is appropriate that a locksmith company provides the necessary advice to choose the best option in lock matters.

Now, if you already have the best locks, there is still a risk that they will be forced through the use of tools such as nail bars which work as a lever and force the door to open. To avoid this, there are things that can help, for instance: safety bars. They are made of metal and the best ones are made of steel. The function of these bars is to prevent the sliding door from opening horizontally and when the family is in the house, they can be folded vertically to open the door, and can easily be placed again if the house will be left alone for some reason.

If you have these kind of doors in your house, surely with this article you realized that you have to check up the current state of them, therefore we are happy that this information would be useful to you in order to have your house as safe as possible.

Finally, sliding doors are only a small part of your security check list; it is necessary to perform a comprehensive review in order to ensure the best security level you can get. The most advisable thing then, is that you should look for the appropriate support of a professional locksmith; this is in order to get a solution that fits the specific needs for your home.

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