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A security budget is important for any company. This is because the security matters should be monitored constantly; also, because some kind of devices and security mechanisms require maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, etc. All this in order to ensure that all of them work properly.

Contrary to what many people think, that is not posible to invest financial resources to prevention; instead of that, spend some money to do it, can save a lot of money in the future. You can avoid to spend a lot of money in repairs and even more, you can prevent theft due to damage on a security device, door, Window, etc.

For instance, in case of locks, it is necessary to verify that they are working properly, or that they have not been damaged trying to force them to unlock. It is also important to check the hinges. On many occasions the damage have been caused by the employees, weakening the hinges; this can be done displacing the pins that support them so that they can be easily weakened from the outside.

Other important elements are doors and windows. Even more if they have glass elements in the structure. So, measures must be taken to prevent them from breaking easily or if somebody break them, avoid an easy access to facilities.

With a security budget, resources can be oriented to hire a security expert in order to determine which areas inside the facilities do not have an adequate level of security. Even areas that we thought that were secure, of course this happens because we do not have the knowledge in this matter. So, the expert may provice appropriate recommendations and, at the same time, apply preventive or corrective maintenance if necessary.

A security budget may also include the possibility to invest in new technologies, for example, replacing conventional locks with electronic ones, setting alarms, installing security cameras, preventing that passwords could be stolen, preventing that remote frequencies can be stolen, etc.

Finally, a security budget will allow you to have a contingency plan; this is important to know what protocols you have to implement in case of an emergency. What is the first thing to verify, what specialist in security you can call to assist you, etc.

Definitely, if your company does not have a security budget, this article has aroused your interest in the subject. Then, you should look for a security company as soon as posible, they will provide you with the necessary support to protect your assets, merchandise and in the end your money.

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