We offer a wide variety of residetial locksmith services in order to keep your home as safe as possible.

Home & Residential Services

Did you know? America is dealing with one burglary every 13 seconds, and there are around 2.5 million burglaries a year.

Are you sure that lost key is just a lost key? Why not have your professional, local locksmith change out your locks to ensure you have complete peace of mind? We have the expertise to get the job done right, on time, every time.

With every rekey we give you a promise; we guarantee the best, speedy service you could ask for. As a mobile locksmith, we deliver fast services.

If you just lost your key and don’t fancy breaking a window, we are ready to assist. We can swap your locks and give you a new key in a jiffy. With our expert, mobile service, we can get you in when you’re locked out.

Having trouble getting into your home or unable to find your keys, broken key, or just moved to a new home, apartment, and need locks replaced or re-keyed.

Most break-ins happen during the day, while the family is at work or school through an open or unlocked window or door.

Do you know how safe your home is?

Whether you’re home or away on vacation, we can give you piece of mind. Schedule a visit to your home without any charge to you from one of our experienced technicians, they will share tips and recommendations accordingly to keep your house secure.

Lock City locksmith can help you with any of your needs. We are trained with the latest in residential locks such as restricted keys and grades 1,2 and 3.

Let one of our certified and licensed locksmith technicians help you.


Lock Replacements

Locks break all the time. Overuse, rusting, and dust can cause locks to become old, damaged, and difficult to use. A quick replacement is a simple solution, and with a quick call we will be right over.
Did you know that not all locks are safe? It is important to know if a lock meets the necessary requirements for an appropiate security of your home. In case that the locks are not secure, you should replace them immediately.


Key Extractions

If you are ever in the sticky situation where a key is stuck inside the lock, do not worry. We have the rights tools to solve the issue, so just call us and we will be delighted to assist.



We have the safest padlocks in the market. We have different mechanisms of opening, key or combination. We can also provide indoor or outdoor padlocks. If your problem is that you have lost the key, we can also make one for you.
We offer key and combination padlocks with durable, reliable security systems, so please allow us to help you out with your heavy-duty lock needs.


Emergency Lockouts

If you left the keys inside and are in dire need of getting into your home, just give us a call. We understand that when it comes to locks, emergencies can be stressful and we are available to help. Keep our number on hand for urgent situations, just in case.


Safe Box Opening

Personal safes can be annoying to deal with, but with our one-of-a-kind tools we are able to resolve the issues quickly. Keep your valuables safe by calling us today.


Door replacement

If your glass door is broken, it must be replaced immediately. Also if it has its structure damaged, that door no longer provides the necessary security. At Lock City we have extensive experience in the replacement of all types of doors: main doors, store front ,fire rated doors , interior doors, sliding doors, etc. Call us.
Finally, Lock City works with different contractors, for instance, law-firms and realtors, we can handle any job just ask what we can do for you with our residential locksmith services.

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