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In 99% of the cases we call a locksmith in order to solve emergency situations; however, many problems can be prevented by taking care of the 10 tips from a locksmith  that we share below:

  • When you buy a new house or you rent a house, you must change the locks immediately, you do not know who may be in possession of a copy of any of the keys. One of the best choices is an anti-bumping lock.
  • Checkup if the main doors have a reliable lock. The best thing is that they have a security shield. If not, change them immediately.
  • If you do not know where all the copies of the keys are, the best decision is to rekey and start to make a better control over the keys and duplicates that you have.
  • Make sure that the locks are not exposed to extreme sun and rain, because rust will be generated quickly and it will cause damage in your locks and they become unsafe.
  • At the main door of the home install a chain bolt that will allow you to open the door partially, and then you would decide if it is secure to open the door completely.
  • It is also necessary to checkup door frames and hinges, they may be weak, which generates a security vulnerability, despite the fact that safe locks are secure. Extra advices for stores here.
  • When you hire locksmiths, make sure that they have a license that allows them to operate for the job; there are many fake companies advertising in internet without Licensed or Legal Requirements by State or insurance.

There are attacks of skill and manipulation as well as violent kind, the security measures of your property must be prepared for both of them. If you want to know how safe your property is, call a specialized locksmith, you will be surprised of all the advice he can give you. At Lock City Locksmiths we can provide you with the advice you need. We cover Ashburn VA and surrounding cities.

Take a look at this important device.

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