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What is an Anti-Bumping lock? First of all, we will talk about the “Bumping Technique”. You won’t believe that open your door is so easy if you don’t have taken some precautions. The technique consists of having a special master key with points, notches or “teeth” that the thief inserts in the lock, after that with a simple blow with a hammer of something heavy is enough to move the internal springs of the locks causing it to open. There are many master keys for all types of doors.

What can you do if you realize that you don’t have an Anti-Bumping lock? You have two options: Replace the lock immediately by one with the Anti-Bumping feature, or add one. The most important thing is to do something as quick as possible.

If you don’t know which lock you have to purchase, you can call to LockCity Lockmith in Ashburn, VA and a security expert of our staff will provide of the support you need according to your needs.

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