About Us

Lock City is a professional locksmith company fully licensed and insured under the Department of Criminal Justice Lic #11-9167.

Our Company

We are a company committed to serving the Northern Virginia community with our remarkable locksmith services. Our award-winning team is equipped to handle your needs efficiently. No matter what you are looking for, we would be delighted to provide you with the services you need to secure your premises.
We founded our locksmith company on the fundamental principles of compassion, care and quality – we strive to approach every customer’s needs with individual attention and care, and provide our services using the best equipment available to guarantee your safety and security are completely restored.

Expert Staff

We are a group of experienced and knowledgeable locksmith technicians, support representatives and consultants dedicated to offering valuable services, and our ample experience allows us to handle various issues efficiently. We do not cut corners; we take time to understand your needs. Not only this, we keep ourselves updated by tapping into the most rigorous training on a regular basis.
From unique tools utilized for the repair of all lock types and the extraction of broken keys to sophisticated devices for the programming, replacement or cutting of keys, our staff is properly equipped. Because our staff members are experienced and qualified at what they do, you will be able to get your locksmith needs taken care of in record time. No need to be stuck waiting for endless hours; our technicians work efficiently.

In addition, our technicians master the latest  methods in the industry and can handle any situation. They are continually studying and updating their knowledge of current security industry standards.

Areas we cover

We cover Northern Virginia and surrounding areas in USA.
Please contact us in order to check up if we can provide service in your city.

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