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Due incidents county police office is recommending to secure your home at night. How can you do that? Well you have to lock your car and home; please see some recommendations from your local locksmith company:

  1. Lock Windows and Doors: Verify all your windows and Door are lock correctly,the easiest way to do this is to schedule a specific time at night. We also recommend Install deadbolt on all Exterior doors and other doors accessing the house coming from the Garage.
  2. Lock your Car: Make sure your car is Locked and avoid leaving money, credit cars and other valuables inside your car.
    Set Up your car Alarm and remove any garage remote openers from vehicle.
  3. Light Up Areas around your house: Make sure there is not hidden places around your house or close to any door, Install motion sensor lights where need it and remove any branches where someone can hide from you.
  4. Set up a Security System: Add the Home Alarm to you night schedule after verifying all windows and doors are locked properly. Make sure all responsible members of you know how to set up and use the Alarm system.
  5. Have Emergency contacts handy: Keep an easy access in your phone or notebook your local police agency, fire department, hospital and licensed locksmith in case of emergency.

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These are useful tips to secure your home at night; however, if you need install new deadbolts to secure your doors or rekey your house to make sure you are the only one having a key to open your door. Please give us a call , One of our Licensed technicians can assist you .Lock City Locksmith DCJS #11-9167 Call Us (703) 981 9911

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