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Why a secure door is important? Most thefts are carried out by violating the front or rear doors. For this reason, in addition to other security measures, it is important to think about having safer doors in our home or business.

First of all, we must think about the door material. If we decide to use a wooden door, it is important to know that there are doors that are sold as if they were made with wood, however, they are not actually. Many times they are made with wood sawdust and glue and even they add other materials that are not Wood at all; this way the door is made with a material that is too weak and it can easily be broken by a kick. In this case, we must be careful in choosing a solid wood door.

If we decide to purchase a metal door, we must check up that it has reinforcements at the back, that structure will provide appropriate security to the whole door.

In order to have a secure door it is also important to install a good quality lock; with anti-bump feature and a recognized brand one in order to get the best security standars. In addition, it is a good idea to add a second bolt to the door. This will make a thief think twice about trying to violate the entrance.

Secure hinges. We have already discussed this matter before, but because we are talking about secure doors, we have to talk again about this topic. No matter how many security measures we take with the doors if the hinges are weak. We must to be sure that they are strong and secure enough according to the door selected.

If we want a secure door, doorframes are another vital element. If the door has been made with quality materials, the doorframes must have to as well. In addition to this, at least for the rear doors is convenient that the frames are on the internal side; the door will open outwards; however this way, it will be more difficult to force the door from outside.

In many homes, there are rear doors with a glass window. This makes them completely insecure for obvious reasons… anyone can break the glass and then open the door.

It is also useful to install pins in the doors. When we are indoors, it is a good way to add extra security. There are also pins with chains, very convenient to partially open the door if we do not feel safe to open the door wide.

If we believe that we have a secure door, it is convenient that at least every six months we check that all the elements are in perfect condition: locks, screws, an adequate lubrication, no rust, etc.

If we determine that we do not have the necessary knowledge to choose a secure door, ask for help of a professional locksmith. He will study your property environment and will determine the best option in order to have a secure door.

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