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There are precautions to take that are very evident, such as not leaving the hidden key at the entrance of the house and others that we have already mentioned and others that you probably already know. This time we will share a tip that we have not addressed and that we may have forgotten to take into account. It is related with home security and social networks.

One of the things that we probably are forgetting in order to avoid robberies during the holidays, is NOT to comment on our social networks that we are going to go away from the house. This is important whether we go to our relatives house or if we are going to leave the country.

Okay, picture this: You are on Facebook and you publish a photo of yourself on the way to the airport, later another one when you are at the airport, then at your destination, for example in a resort near the beach; If some of your friends click on the like button of your photo, they distribute it on their wall and all the friends can see it, if every person has about 200 friends, everyone will see it, and of course, you don’t know to everyone. The truth is that they already have realized that there is no one in your house or maybe there is someone who can be easy to subjugate. Also imagine that someone asks you: When are you coming back? If you answer giving the information, now all of them will even know how much time the house could be alone. The situation can be worst, in addition, imagine that you may not have applied good privacy filters on your Facebook profile and anyone can see where you live, the car you have, the type of door locks you have in your house, the type of windows, etc. Complicated isn’t it?

Today many people are not aware of the reach of social networks.We want to illustrate with this example is that when We publish something In the Internet, even when we have our profiles private, some friend or follower can make it public.

If you thing about it, this is a topic that should be addressed with the family; because we can take all precautions, but any of the family members can share private information, even relatives who do not living at home. It is a worrying situation.

However, the advice is to keep the itineraries of vacation trips or of any other nature trips as private as possible.

On the other hand, whether you take precautions on social networks or not, it is important that you make sure that you have taken all possible measures to keep your home as safe as possible. The type locks, the door hinges, the type of windows, etc. Every detail must be carefully examined. For this, it is important to use the services of a professional locksmith, he is able to figure out even security risks that you have not a clue. Then look for a locksmith company that is certified and has all the permissions to do the job.

We hope this advice is useful for your home and your family. We invite you to share this article with your family and friends.

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