Door Installation

Looking to replace or upgrade your door? We can provide support through our door installation services.

Door Replacement
& Fixing

At Lockcity Locksmith, we are here to help clients that are in need of replacing used doors that no longer perform correctly.
If you would like to replace the exterior or interior doors of your building, we are here for you.

We can also provide services if you are in need of adjustments or dealing with broken hinges or frame damage.

We also specialize in commercial door installations or repairs on wood, fire-rated metal, or aluminum doors.

Additionally, we make Louvers installations or replacements.

We have solutions for common code violations and proper door operation.

Residential Locksmith

Lock Replacements
Key Extractions
Emergency Lockouts
Door Replacement
Safe Box Opening

Commercial Locksmith

Master Key
Hardware Options
Commercial Rekeing
Key Extraction
Repair Services
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