Concealed Door Closer Pivot Replacement

These structures are constantly in movement, it is necessary to ensure that they work properly.

Concealed Door
Closer Pivot

The concealed door closer pivot is a very common commercial door closer mechanism, but as the name implies, it is not visible. In most cases it is used with aluminum and glass doors in offices and stores. These mechanisms are often found at the entrance but can also be found in the internal areas of facilities. With this mechanism, it is possible to adjust the closing speed of the door. With the approval of the client, our expert locksmiths can make the adjustment at the time of installing the door.

It is very important to clarify that this type of device is not only a mechanism to close doors, but it also replaces the function of the hinges and provides more benefits. Concealed door closer pivots allow a turn of the door in both directions. This is very convenient as this means that the door can be opened if it is pulled or pushed.

If you want to purchase a concealed door closer pivot to install the system for the first time, or for replacement, it is necessary to get advice from a knowledgeable locksmith. They can ensure that the device that is installed is robust enough to support the weight of the door, among other things.

Though most of these door closers are made of solid steel and are guaranteed to perform for several years, the weight of the door and constant movement causes deterioration over time. Little by little, the door begins to show movement issues, or the door tends to collapse a bit. All these issues are an indication that the concealed door closer pivots must be replaced.

At Lockcity Locksmith we are experts in these matters, and we know what the ideal device for your door is. Give us a call, and a technician will evaluate the solution that best suits your needs.

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