We offer a wide variety of residetial locksmith services in order to keep your store or office as safe as possible.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Lock City Locksmith provides a wide range of Commercial security solutions. Services for industries, hotels, small businesses, large corporate organization offices, retail stores and shops.

Business is booming and thieves are creeping; we want to help you keep your premises safe. As the definitive mobile, commercial locksmith for Ashburn and the surrounding area, we understand that keeping your business safe can be a stressful affair. Perhaps you need to change locks because a fired employee decided to pocket the key to that backroom, or maybe you’re just trying to comply with those complicated rules and regulations. Regardless of the situation, we want to help businesses in need.

Our commercial locksmith services range from IC cores, master key and re-key, premium industrial locks, lever handles, door knobs, hardware installations, concealed door closers, emergency services, and more.

If you’re looking for a locksmith to flawlessly install hardware, you’ve found it. We understand your push bars and your door closers; we know that you don’t have the time to look up exactly how far that lever should project from the door or what kind of lock you need on the lockers in your store or office. We have the skills to understand the mechanisms of action, so, when it comes to ADA compliance, you’ve got it without a thought or doubt.

If you just lost your key and don’t fancy breaking a window, we are ready to assist. We can swap your locks and give you a new key in a jiffy. With our expert, mobile service, we can get you in when you’re locked out.

Having trouble getting into your home or unable to find your keys, broken key, or just moved to a new home, apartment, and need locks replaced or re-keyed.

Most break-ins happen during the day, while the family is at work or school through an open or unlocked window or door.

Do you know how safe your home is?

Whether you’re home or away on vacation, we can give you piece of mind. Schedule a visit to your home without any charge to you from one of our experienced technicians, they will share tips and recommendations accordingly to keep your house secure.

Lock City locksmith can help you with any of your needs. We are trained with the latest in residential locks such as restricted keys and grades 1,2 and 3.

Let one of our certified and licensed locksmith technicians help you.


Master Key

A simple solution for a big problem. It may happen that you have many locks and it is not necessary to have many keys. To simplify things, we offer you a master key system. With a master key syatem you can open multiple locks with more than one key. If you think about it, this not only simplifies your life, but also saves you money, since among other things, you minimize the number of copies you should have.


Hardware Options

Do you know how secure are the locks of your store or office? Do you know that there are different levels of security? We can provide locks ADA, Restricted, or Grades 1 ,2 and 3. Do you know what are they? Allow us to visit you and give you a profesional assistance regarding to this topic. Afterwards, we will recommend the best solution for your particular case.


Commercial Rekeying

A high percentage of thefts in companies are due to not re-keying when changing personnel. On many occasions employees keep keys or take copies of them. For this reason it is important to keep a detailed control of what keys an employee has. The best thing to do is to avoid that keys could go out of the store; however, when the employee quits or is fired, a rekey must be made. We have this service for you.


Key Extraction

If you face a broken key inside the lock situation, we are experts in solving the problem. We know how to extract the pieces without damaging the lock, and also if you do not have another key, we can make a duplicate for you with our specialized tools.


Repair Services

Sometimes it is not necessary to change the complete hardware . Sometimes it is possible to repair the locks by changing the cylinder, adjusting the lock appropriately into the door, lubricating the mechanism, etc. The same happens with other moving parts of the doors, such as panic bars, sliding doors parts, etc

Our company offers several commercial services, if the hardware is in any wood, aluminum, metal or glass door that needs repair or replacement.

In addition is you prefer to upgrade to a more secure and up to date lock such as ADA, Restricted, or Grades 1 and 2 , we can do it.

We want Ashburn and the surrounding area to thrive. As a local locksmith, we allow the people of Ashburn and the surrounding area to produce amazing things in a safe environment. Safety and security leads to production, and clean, safe production leads to a successful business.

Schedule a visit to your business without any charge to you from one of our experienced technicians , they will share tips and recommendations accordingly to keep your business secure.
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