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Care of the keys is quite important, both the keys of your house or those of your business. It’s funny but we almost never find useful information about caring of them; this is the reason we will provide some useful advices on how to take care of them properly.

Keep the keys. At home or office, the keys must have a fixed place to keep; if we don’t want to always carry them in our pockets. Notice that with the topic that we will talk next, many of us will feel identified, for sure: We arrive home and sometimes we leave the keys on the television table, or sometimes in the kitchen on a table or any other furniture and often in the main room in anywhere. Often we even leave them in unusual places like drawers of other any furniture that we never open, believing that they are safe and we will remember where we left them; however the opposite happens; picture this: we are in a hurry to head office and when you are in front of the vehicle you realize that you don’t have the keys, you lose valuable time with this situation. Sometimes something worse can happen, you may leave them in a place where people with bad intentions can take them and this is dangerous. That’s why we insist on the importance of taking care of the keys. A good way to do it, is to purchase accessories to hang keys and place it in a safe place. If we feel better, they can be stored inside a drawer in the furniture that you designate, but the important thing is that must be the same place always, doing this, we will avoid many headaches.

Duplicates. One of the major things to do is always have duplicates; surely our close relatives have them already a copy of some keys; however, if they are working or studying and their locations are far away from home, having a copy of the house keys in the office and vice versa is a great strategy!. One issue that is very common and we must avoid, is to leave a copy of the main key “hidden” near of the entrance of house in front of it, for example. In a pot, under a welcome mat, or in some hidden space in the wall or window, it is where thieves will look first, we must avoid it!. And now one of the best advises: carrying a copy of the vehicle key in your wallet will save you if you left the keys inside the car, more than once. Duplicates are important.

Control. In the office, you should keep an updated record of who has the keys and make sure they do not leave the store or office with them. If the employee who manage them has taken them out and those keys belong to areas where valuables are stored, the best thing to do is rekey, the same thing applies at the time any employee stop working in the company, either by resignation or dismissal.

Different use. To take care of the keys properly we must not use them for anything other than to open a lock, it is the reason they have been manufactured for. Sometimes people use them to other purposes, for instance for open bottles, or to push things stuck in narrow places, or to scrape surfaces, etc. All these actions deteriorate the keys, and since they are carefully designed to fit into specific structures, when they suffer a slight deformation, they will no longer function properly and will not open the lock. In extreme cases the key may even break. It is better to use the keys to introduce them into the locks for which they were made for only.

Modern keys. In case of automotive keys, today there are many advanced keys that have electronically protected information. In this case, a good advice is that you have to avoid to bring them closer to magnets, since these can erase the information and make them useless. The same thing happens with metal scanners, some of them can cause damage to the keys; it is better to take them out of the pocket and show them to security personnel or place them on a table; then allow to security staff to scan your body if necessary.

There is no doubt, taking care of the keys is one of the most important things that we must be aware in the security of our home or office matters. Surely there are many more ways to do it, if you have any other you can comment and contribute, and other people can benefit of it.

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