We offer a wide variety of residetial locksmith services in order to keep your vehicle as safe as possible.

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Let’s be real: you never think you’ll be locked out of your car or vehicle. That’s something that happens to other people—until it happens to you.

We offer superior automotive locksmith services that will keep you covered in case of an emergency. With our top-level services, you’ll never have to worry about locking yourself out of your car. Whether you’re stuck at the grocery store with tons of bags on your arms or at the gas pump with no way to get back into your vehicle, we will respond promptly to your emergency so that you can get back into your car with no damage whatsoever.

Lock City car locksmith is there to assist you when you are unable to get in your car or automobile due to a broken, lost key or any other situation.


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Emergency vehicle opening car or trunk


When you leave locked keys in your car and don’t have any copy nearby, it’s really stressful . More so if you have an important meeting or place to be. In this situation the first thing you try is resolving the situation by yourself. This is a very bad idea, because you can damage the door frame, gasket or break a window trying to remove your keys from your locked car.

One of the common methods people try is to insert a wire between the window glass and the internal side of the driver door. This might cause a damage in the internal mechanism which moves the glass and lock system.

Other people try to insert wrong keys, even asking others for their keys in order to try them. This is a bad idea as well because the internal lock mechanism can be damaged and would have to be changed. Instead of saving some money you would end up spending a lot of it.

The most important thing for a locksmith when opening a vehicle in emergency situation, is not to damage the lock mechanism, the door, or the vehicle itself. For this reason the locksmith must be a qualified and legally accredited professional to perform the task. At Lockcity Locksmiths we have licensed and experts locksmiths to help you wharever emergency vehicle opening situation you are facing.

If you left the key inside the car, we know how to access it or find a way to open the door by using lockpicks or any other technique. We have a lot of them.

If the key is broken inside the lock, do not worry; we have extensive experience in the extraction of broken pieces.

Lost your car key? We’ll help you replace your key in no time so that you can get a move on with your life. We work quickly to make sure you get the services you deserve in the time you need them. This makes us the superior locksmith in the area when it comes to all your automotive needs.

We also encode the keys of your vehicle with CHIP since we have computer programs and scanners to code them. In this service it is necessary that the client provide proof of ownership of the vehicle.

Lock city car locksmith is able to service all types of vehicles including: Honda, Toyota, Infiniti, Chevy, Cadillac, Mazda, Subaru, Lexus, Ford, Jeep


On the other hand, the wisest decision for locked or broken keys in car is to call an experienced and trained locksmith in your área. But how do you know which company you should call? Everybody uses their phone in order to find the best solution on the Internet, writing in the search box: “Locked keys in Car” or “Locksmith near me” or “Emergency locksmith”. This is not appropriate because in this situation you do not have enough time to check if you are dealing with a licensed company in your area. This is very important because you have to be sure that the locksmith you contact to solve the situation has the appropriate knowledge, equipment, licencing, insurance and tools to do the job.

We guarantee success in the emergency vehicle opening service.




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  • Unlock Steering wheel
  • Unlock Gas cap
  • Keyless entry remotes and programming


In Lock City Locksmith LLC we have been Licenced by the Department of criminal justice in Virginia and we cover Loudoun and Fairfax County Areas. You can add this number to your cellphone contacts: +703 981 9911.

If you’re looking for a service that can get you back into your vehicle as soon as possible, it’s time to give us a call. We are more than happy to work with you to get you the service you need in record time. With years of experience in the field, we know just what it takes to make sure you get a job well done.

Don’t wait until you’re locked outside to find a quality locksmith. By keeping us on speed dial, you’ll always be covered in case of emergency. This gives you the service you need—at prices you can afford.

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