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secure your store
Many business owners frequently ask about which are the necessary steps to take in order to secure their store. For instance, which are the best locks and procedures to implement that minimize the risk of theft? Actually, the measures that can be taken are innumerable. We will try to approach these
anti-bumping lock
What is an Anti-Bumping lock? First of all, we will talk about the “Bumping Technique”. You won’t believe that open your door is so easy if you don’t have taken some precautions. The technique consists of having a special master key with points, notches or “teeth” that the thief inserts
lockcity security tips
Save the keys. Never leave your keys in sight, always keep them in a safe place and never in areas where visitors may arrive. Loss of keys. In case of losing your keys, after having done a thorough search, do not hesitate to change the lock. You should not let
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