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Nowadays is important to take advantage of advances in technology. Doing this for security matters is even better, because keep our home or business safe is easier. Of course what we are going to talk about in this article is only one measure, among many of them, that we must take to achieve that goal; we are talking about electronic locks. There are a lot of variations; for instance:

  • Digital. This kind of lock has a numeric pad, where you can configure a combination in order to open the door.
  • Biometric. You use a unique part of your body to open it. Example: fingerprint reader, retina reader, face recognition, etc.

We won’t talk of others that can be open with electronic cards, because this is something similar to a key, and we want to be focused in a better security solution. So, why this kind of electronic locks are so advantageous? Here are 5 reasons:

Control over the keys. The first advantage is that you do not have to always be aware of where the keys are, if you forget them, if you lose them, if someone steals them, etc. The reasons are obvious, you only have to remember a combination of numbers that will open your door.

  1. Rekey. You avoid having to change the combination of the lock physically and make new copies. If you rent a house, every time a new tenant arrives it is necessary to rekey. It is also mandatory to do so if you lose the keys or if you have any doubt as to whether someone you do not know may have a copy. With a digital lock, you only have to change the password. This is must suitable and money saving.
  2. Remote control. Some of these electronic locks can be controlled by remote access from the internet, it can be done through a mobile application; this way, if you want to open the door to someone and do not want to provide the access password, you can do it remotely.
  3. Fingerprint. If you are looking for a maximum level of security, some locks have a fingerprint reader. In this way, you avoid the risk that someone in some way has had access to the entry password. Only people to whom you have configured your fingerprint will have it.
  4. Schedule. Many of them can be blocked in time ranges. This is very useful, because if you plan to leave the house alone for a few days, or even when you are sleeping, you will eliminate the possibility of someone are trying combinations.
  5. Advanced Features. Some digital locks can be programmed that after a number of failed attempts, it can be blocked. This is another way to prevent that someone with bad intentions try some combinations in order to guess the password.

Like everything in life, these locks have disadvantages, but if you know them you can anticipate them. For example, because they are electrical, you must ensure that they always they have an adequate energy supply, batteries in well condition, energy backup strategies, etc.

Also many criminals are tempted to destroy the electronic locks by hitting them with heavy tools. This can be prevented by using security cameras and alarms with movement sensitivity. Of course, this increases the investment, but certainly are most valuable the goods that you have inside your home, office or store.

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